Web Summit 2021 is almost underway! In this post you can read about what to expect and how to find it all!

What is Web Summit 2021?

Web summit is a global tech conference held every year in Lisbon and Tokyo. The conference organizers also host other events such as “COLLISION” in Tokyo, and “RISE” in Hong Kong. Web Summit has been referred to as “The world’s premier tech conference” by Politico.

The aim of Web Summit 2021 is to gather founders and CEO’s of technology companies, startups and policymakers to discuss what the future holds in store for us all. Web summit will start on Monday, November 1st, 2021 and ends on Thursday November 4th, 2021. Keep reading below for some insights on who will be speaking at Web Summit!

Who will be speaking at Web Summit 2021?

Web Summit 2021 boasts an impressive list of speakers every year, and this year is no different. Among the esteemed list are Dr Werner Vogels (CTO-Amazon), Jen Wong (COO-Reddit), Brad Smith (President and Vice chair – Microsoft) and many more!

The total list of speakers who will be attending the conference totals over 500! For a detailed list of speakers click HERE.

To watch the official trailer Web Summit 2021, Click Below:

What is the Web Summit Startup Programme?

Every year Web Summit hosts their “ALPHA” startup programme. This offers growing startups to join a global community of startup networks and investors. Web summit has hand picked each startup for their potential, uniqueness, and world changing ideas!

According to Web Summit, the ALPHA startup programme has 4 main goals:

  • Brand awareness: The world’s leading media publications and journalists will join Web Summit 2021 looking for the next big news story. They’ll help you share your startup’s message with the world – and the world’s leading businesses.

  • Funding: Web summit has pre-scheduled Investor-Startup meetings, ensuring that each startup gets the love they deserve! If selected you’ll get insider advice on making your startup irresistible to investors.

  • Networking: Integrated networking will be available throughout the event and you can start networking weeks before the event with the Web Summit app – reach out to investors, sign up for Mentor Hours, and find potential leads.

  • Learning: Schedule meetings with founders who’ve overcome all the odds and trendsetting companies in your industry. And allowing you to follow up on these leads after the event. You never know who may become your new business partner, investor or mentor.

Notable Investors Joining Web Summit 2021:

Web Summit would not be the same if it didn’t boast an impressive list of investors that would be attending. Among the list are notable names like Dana Settle (Founding partner – Greycott), Geoff Lewis (Founder and managing partner – Bedrock), Reshma Sohoni (managing partner – Seedcamp), and many more!

For a detailed list of investors that will be attending, click HERE.

To get a glimpse of what Web Summit 2020 was like, watch the video below:

What Will We Be Doing at Web Summit?

We are happy to announce that Web Summit has selected us to participate in this years “ALPHA” startup programme, and you can find us at our Globetrotter VR booth! There you will find our founder Anastasia Pashkovetskaya, and other members of the team who will be ready to chat with you!

Our biggest goal at Web Summit 2021 will be to gain funding from people who also believe that virtual travel is at the forefront of the travel industry!

How can you contact us?

Our Booth will be in the “ALPHA 2” section of Pavilion 2, and our stand number is A 242. If you are interested in meeting up with or contacting our team, send an email to info@globetrotter-vr.com, or send a direct message to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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