With Pride month underway, all of us here at Globetrotter VR are proud to share the history of the LGBTIQ in the 20th century through a phenomenal tour of the city of Berlin. The virtual tour’s central theme is around the city’s journey in becoming the LGBTIQ capital of the world.

Discover the city with our distinguished tour guide Dr. Finn Ballard, a historian and an active member of the LGBTIQ community of Berlin for the last 13 years. He will share stories of the shocking events that took place during the World War II era, the resistance, and the people that shaped Berlin into the cultural hub that it is today.

A Difficult History:

This tour will take you back in history in order to best show you the timeline of the city of Berlin as the LGBTIQ capital of the world. From its beginnings around the 1920’s and 1930’s as it became a hot spot for cultural growth and experimentation which led to the lesbian and gay scene flourishing, to the tragic circumstances of Nazi Germany, which was the cause of uncountable acts of violence and tragedy. Then finally showing how the community has emerged from this tragedy and begun to overcome the obstacles and stand as advocates of equality and cultural freedom.

Meet the People:

The city of Berlin has been home to many historical figures such as the late, great Gad Beck, who was a gay and Jewish teenager that had survived the holocaust, and had become a revolutionary freedom fighter during the second world war. Join us as we delve into who this phenomenal man was, and how he told his story to the world, through an exclusive interview with Gad Beck’s biographer, Frank Heiber. Alongside Beck, we explore  many other icons of the era that all fought against prejudice,and set the foundation for the cosmopolitan culture of Berlin as we know it now.

See the Places:

Explore the wonderful places in Berlin that stand out as monuments and cultural hubs of the LGBTIQ community, as we take you by the hand and showcase these historical hot-spots. See the unique blend of modern and World War II era architecture that is a result of the city’s destruction and rebuilding. Step inside the world’s first gay bookstore, which stands as a triumphant victory over the history of suppression and burning of gay and lesbian literature during the war.

A look inside the famous “Roses” bar in Berlin

See the famous bars and clubs that served as LGBTIQ hangouts before the war, such as the famous “Eldorado Bar”, which was one of the very first bars to cater specifically to trans clientele. Visit the spot in which the Institute of Sexual Science used to stand, and go back in time to watch a clip from the world’s first gay film, which prominently featured one of the sexual scientists as an actor. Learn about the Stonewall riots, and how they played a role in establishing the tradition of modern day activist marches for gay and trans pride in Berlin.

Nollendorfplatz metro station lit up at night to support LGBTIQ pride

How does it work?

Throughout the tour, you will be able to explore a stunning 360° virtual Berlin, and catch glimpses of the past through curated videos, slideshows and exclusive interviews. You will get to understand the multi-layered history of the LGBTIQ community, through the exploration of both tragic yet inspirational monuments, as well as iconic personalities that fought to establish a right for LGBTIQ culture. Throughout the city of Berlin, you can find many monuments that incorporate the symbology of pride such as the rainbow, alongside symbols of the holocaust, that serve as a stark reminder of the strife that many went through in the past simply for who they were.

Start exploring Berlin immediately with our on-demand tour, or book a live session with Dr. Finn which runs on Sunday evenings.

To watch the Q & A with our tour guide Dr. Finn Ballard click HERE

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