In April, as the world went into shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, like many, we found ourselves asking the question: What now?

As you know, we were in the process of creating an immersive travel guide for Barcelona. Of course, tourism in Barcelona has suffered greatly from the lockdown and travel restrictions. Given the current situation, as well as the negative outlook for the travel industry as a whole, we have decided to pivot.

We are still using the same technology, but now we’re aiming at providing users with virtual guided tours and virtual experiences. Our mission is to give people the ability to explore destinations, learn new things about culture and history, try new experiences, in spite of the travel restrictions and health concerns. We are responding to the market.

As a start up, we must be able to make decisions quickly if we want to survive a crisis. We are confident that with this new model, we will be able to bring value to grounded travelers worldwide, as well as support the local tour guides, who have been hit by mass cancellations.

Our pivot and founder’s response to COVID-19 was reported by Women 2.0 blog, a media and tech company focused on gender equality and inclusion in the tech space.

We hope that you and your loved ones stay safe, and we will see you soon in virtual reality!

Globetrotter VR Team

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