Get ready to take your Potter pilgrimage as Globetrotter VR is presenting its latest tour! Grab your wand and robes as we take you through the notorious locations of Edinburgh and show the real world inspirations that helped J.K. Rowling write the Harry Potter Books.

The famous Elephant House Cafe, where J.K. Rowling wrote many of the Harry Potter books.

Magical Hot-spots:

Start off at the lovely “Elephant House” cafe to see one of Rowling’s favourite writing spots and witness its transformation into one of the many beloved hot-spots for Harry Potter history. From there we will apparate straight into Diagon alley where you can see the amazingly quaint cobblestone streets leading up to the Bank of Scotland building which is said to be the inspiration for Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

Banks not your thing? Well then maybe we can interest you in a haunted castle! The tour takes you up the mountain to the real world Hogwarts castle where you can see its wondrous architecture, but keep a sharp eye out as it is said that the castle is haunted, and many claim to have sighted dead soldiers roaming the grounds. Perhaps the story of nearly headless Nick wasn’t a work of fiction after all? 

The Real Witches and Wizards of Scotland:

Go back in time to when witch hunting was rampant through the countryside of Scotland and hear the stories of those men and women that were hunted. Even today as you stroll through the streets of Edinburgh you can find monuments and memorials to those men and women who were executed under false claims of witchcraft. 

A Grave Journey:

I hope you have all been practicing your Expelliarmus, since you might need it where we are going. Stay on your toes as we walk through a particularly special graveyard where one can find some familiar names written on the headstone, including that of a certain someone who shall not be named…

Hidden tunnels underneath Edinburgh Castle.

Retrace J.K. Rowling’s daily journey throughout the city of Edinburgh. Experience what she may have experienced, and perhaps you might even gain a better appreciation for the magical world that she had created.

If you aren’t the biggest Harry Potter fan then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Edinburgh is a beautiful city with fantastic medieval architecture. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in History, or Fiction, this tour has something you will love.

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