Discover the enchanting architecture and remarkable history of Budapest without having to step out of your front door. 

Budapest is home to some of the most breath-taking sites and architectural wonders in Europe. The Hungarian capital houses the majestic Parliament of Budapest, the famous Chain Bridge, and historical ruins that date as far back as the 2nd century.  Joined by Budapest local and expert tour guide, Andrea, our ‘Budapest Through the Ages’ virtual tour takes you on a magnificent journey through all these sites and more. 

Budapest has risen in ranks as a European tourist hotspot in recent years – and for good reason! Having perfectly blended the city’s incredible historical charm with modern city life, Budapest appeals to all kinds of tourists looking to experience history and still be able to hit the bars afterwards. With a laptop, phone or tablet and a glass of your favourite drink by your side you can do the same with our exciting and innovative virtual reality technology. 

Our virtual travel technology doesn’t just pan you through Budapest on-screen, it immerses you into the city with scenes that feel life-like and an interactive tour guide that might as well be in your living room. In addition, each of the locations Andrea walks you through on the tour are supplemented with extra photos and videos to maximise your experience and knowledge of ‘Budapest through the ages’. This means that you get the unique chance to explore your curiosity and have a personalised touring experience by engaging with locations you are most drawn to. 

Don’t wait months to see places and experience new countries when you can click a link and discover them now in one of our live or on demand tours. 

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