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Our Pearls of Dubai tour explores a different side to Dubai on this tour of the city’s Old Town District. 

Starting in the narrow streets of Al Bastakiya, viewers learn about Dubai’s previously booming pearl trade as well as the culture and architecture of the old town, before taking a boat ride down the creek and  hunting for treasure in the Spice, Textile and Gold Souks.

Packed with facts about the emirate’s awe-inspiring history and rich culture, this experience provides viewers with a glimpse into Dubai’s people and past.

What will you do on this virtual tour?


  • Walk through Old Dubai.
  • Discover what Dubai owes to its earlier success.
  • Visit the home of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum.
  • Be immersed in 3 famous souks

Stops on this virtual tour

  Al Fahidi District    Restoration House   Coffee Museum   Al Fahidi Fort Textile Souk Abra Ride 

Skeikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s House   Spice Souk Gold Souk




  • 45 minute virtual tour

  • 10 days access to the virtual tour, so you can do it at your pace
  • Interactive online experience packed with 3D models, historical photos and videos

  • Stunning 8K 360° imagery

  • Access to recommendations and additional information about the Dubai culture, hand-picked by Pri.

Unsure it’s right for you?

meet your guide

Priyanka Zielinski

Pri is a true believer in the Rule of Three – she lives between Dubai, Bombay and Washington DC, speaks three languages and has 3 kids under 3. She graduated from Connecticut College and has a Masters Degree from New York University. Pri is a licensed Dubai tour guide, travel blogger, art aficionado, foodie and curious to check out all things new in her city. Pri has been a tour guide since 2015 and loves to make customized itineraries for her guests.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you trying to replace real travel?

Curious about Dubai? Why not visit it virtually before you fly! Click here to try our tour for free!

What makes Globetrotter VR tours different from other virtual tours?

Some platforms out there are giving webinar-style virtual tours using Zoom, PowerPoints and photos. We are not just another Zoom call! We use the latest virtual reality technology to bring the world to you through stunning 360° environments and storytelling.

We are also different from classic virtual experiences that require you to have a virtual reality headset because our tours are accessible from your PC, mobile and tablet. With Globetrotter VR, you can get the best of what cutting-edge tech offers without the extra gear.

Try our free limited version here to see your yourself and discover why our tours are unique!


What is the difference between an On-Demand tour and a Live tour?

We offer two different types of tours to fit all lifestyles and desires. Our On-demand tour contains pre-recorded audio clips and videos by our local guide, meaning you can enjoy the tour independently, at a time that suits you!

Our Live Tour offers the most immersive experience. After choosing your preferred date and start time, you will join our local guide live in the virtual tour platform and be personally guided around. This model allows you to interact directly with our tour guide and ask any questions you may have.

I'm not a high-tech person. Can I still do your tours?

You don’t need to have any knowledge or previous experience with VR to enjoy our tours. Our team of experts has made sure that all you need to start exploring virtually is your favourite device (PC, mobile, tablet) and a sense of curiosity!

Click here to see how accessible our tours really are!


How does your company contribute to local communities?

Our partner tour guides get a revenue share from every tour that is purchased. In addition, our team works remotely with local artists and content creators from the destination to create the virtual tours, so our carbon footprint in making the tours is negligent.

Do I need a VR headset to enjoy your virtual tour?

Nope! To have the best experience of your tour, you just need yourself, your PC, smartphone or tablet and a stable internet connection. A refreshing drink and some yummy snacks are encouraged, but not required!

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is an online experience that allows you to explore a location remotely.

How can I book a private tour for my friends and family?

We offer private group tours and can arrange these for a time and date that suits you. Our private virtual tours are perfect for birthday celebrations, family activities and team building events! To arrange a private tour, please send a request to info@globetrotter-vr.com

Do you use Zoom or Meets to do your tours?

We use our very own dedicated video calling platform for our Live Tours. Unlike zoom or google meets, our platform allows independent navigation of our virtual world, meaning you can look around in 360 degrees independently, or follow your tour guides ‘gaze’ at any time in the tour. 

If you would prefer to use zoom or an alternative video calling platform to experience a private tour however, this can be arranged.

How many people can come to the Live tours with a guide?

Our Live tours with a guide can host up to 20 people.

Are your virtual tours child-friendly?

Each one of our virtual tours gets a PG rating, so you can choose the right experience for your family.

What they say

  • 5 star ratingGreat planning tool I did the Dubai tour just over the laptop and it was a fantastic experience. It really made me realise that Dubai is more than the glitz and glamour of the high rises, it has a lot of cultural aspects I didn’t know about. It is a great planning tool!!!! With travel restrictions opening up it is so good to be able to see the place I want to visit and feel confident in knowing what to do and where to go. Guide books are simply limited in that respect! I cannot wait to take some more tours!!! PS= really good quality video and sound. Made me feel like I was there! …


    5 star ratingNew and fun experience I did the tour of Dubai and absolutely loved going through the spice markets. Super interesting. I hadn't done anything like this before but I for sure want to do more tours.

    Maarten K

    5 star ratingGreat Tour! I was gifted the Pearls of Dubai on-demand tour for my birthday. I have always loved this beautiful city and due to travel restrictions, this tour was the perfect way to visit and learn something new. Pri was an informative guide and felt like I was in google maps as I was able to see every angle. I was able to click on pictures for close up angles. Loved it! Can't wait to watch another one of your tours! …

    Georgia F
  • 5 star ratingA whole new world! I took the Dubai Pearls virtual tour because I have always wanted to travel to Dubai but have never had the chance to go. I loved how easy it was to use and the ability to explore the historical neighborhoods through 360 images, visit different places like the coffee museum and the different souks. It gave me a feeling of being there in person. Although I didn't get to see Pri, the tour guide, I enjoyed listening to her share the stories throughout the tour. I feel like I learnt so much, and it was really a nice way to spend my evening. This is definitely one of the best virtual tours that I ever took! …

    Catherine G

    positive review The way how Globetrotter VR can combine fun, education and the real feeling of the experience fascinates me!

    Richard Simsaj Avatar
    Richard Simsaj

    positive review I really admire the work which was done on visualization and it was also helpful getting the basic information right at the beginning for further better orientation. I like how specific parts of the ferry were marked while diving deeper. The most interesting thing for me was how free I felt thanks to the 360-degree view, it was almost as if I was right there to explore everything. Fish that were swimming around certainly enhanced this feeling. The video quality is high and you can see everything to details. Thanks for the wonderful experience- the only thing I regret that I couldn’t try it in real life, too. ❤️🧜🏼‍♀️🐬

    Katka Príhodová Avatar
    Katka Príhodová
  • positive review Such a vivid experience ! I am personally quite afraid of oceans and I was kinda worried during this diving as well. But knowing I would never dive there in real life, this was a unique experience for me ! I highly recommend this to everyone, even to those who share this little phobia with me (for you, it might be the only way to go down there) !

    Alica Jarošová Avatar
    Alica Jarošová

    positive review Zenobia VR tour is a cool experience, it feels very real.

    Tomáš Müller Avatar
    Tomáš Müller

    positive review Diving into the Mediterranean sea has been on my wishlist for some time, and now thanks to Globetrotter VR, I finally made it there. I didn't even need the diving gear for it!

    Patrik Žoldoš Avatar
    Patrik Žoldoš
  • positive review Really amazing experience! I would recommend. 😊

    Kateřina Jelínková Avatar
    Kateřina Jelínková

    positive review Great experience, kinda creepy I would never dare to dive there in real life but this way it was an amazing experience from home. Recomended for everyone.

    Dominik Dudaško Avatar
    Dominik Dudaško

    positive review Serious game changer – I've had the fortune to view a couple of their videos in my Oculus Rift S and I was blown away. These guys manage to mix emotion, culture, education and entertainment into each of their immersive experiences. It's not often I get to witness the firsts steps of a startup before it blows up and becomes massively popular. This is one of those times.

    Alexander Van Ooyen Avatar
    Alexander Van Ooyen
  • positive review Great staff! Love it 😻 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    Valeria Belloy Avatar
    Valeria Belloy

    positive review Amazing!😍😍😍 grate! 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Anna Samoilova Avatar
    Anna Samoilova

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