With its vibrant culture, rich history, and remarkable architecture, it is no surprise that Barcelona is heralded as one of the must-see cities in Europe. A trip there is on many bucket lists, but what to do if catching flights is not an option? How about a virtual tour of Barcelona instead?

Our new ‘Secrets of Barcelona’ , developed in collaboration with The Barcelonian, transports you to Barcelona from wherever you are in the world. Think, the famous La Rambla street, Felip Neri square, and Pont del Bisbe. Hot spots are all within reach from your laptop, with guidance of the charming Jordana.

The virtual tour is filled with stunning vistas and detailed information on the history of Barcelona. Gone are the days of awkward “could you please repeat that?” to tour guides at the annoyance of impatient tour group mates. The tour’s easy navigation allows you to return to your favourite spots, and take in all its breath-taking beauty. Many locations are also complemented with photos and videos to bring the rich history of the sites to life.

Whether you choose to whet your appetite for Barcelona by getting a taste of its best bits on-screen, or choose to eat it all up virtually, the ‘Secrets of Barcelona’ tour is sure to satiate your hunger for adventure.

Discover Barcelona in your own time through the on-demand tour, or book a spot in one of our live guided tour sessions.

Dive right into the spirit of Barcelona from the comfort of your home with the Globetrotter’s exclusive Secrets of Barcelona tour.

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