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Go on a virtual adventure with your team. Connect, discover and escape the ordinary on your next team building activity.

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What are virtual trips?

At Globetrotter VR we use the magic of virtual reality to transport you and your team to another city. Distance is not an issue for us. You can join our virtual tours from any location. Whether some of you are based in Boston, and others from London, or whether you’re all working from home, you can easily connect in our virtual world.

Our live tours are conducted via the PC, so your team won’t need special equipment to join them.

Our expert tour guide will give you a guided tour of your chosen location and you will all have the chance to ask her questions and share your opinion on the topics discussed.  

What’s included?


  • 90 minute virtual tour of a location of your choice

  • A local, expert tour guide leading your remote team building experience

  • Guaranteed sunshine at any time of day via our 8K 360° imagery.

  • Our interactive platform allows you to follow the guide’s “gaze” or check out the environments on your.

  • Attendee participation through discussion points and Q&A’s throughout the experience.

  • Souvenirs and insights on country culture emailed to all attendees

What the numbers say…


Saw an increase in productivity


Experience loneliness working from home


Saw improvement in communication patterns


Saw lower absenteeism

To read our post of the importance on team activities:


See what our customers are saying:

As a member of the LGBT Network at Baillie Gifford, I was keen to plan an event for Pride month in June. We chose Globetrotter VR’s Berlin: The World’s first LGBTIQ Capital as we thought it would be an excellent activity to celebrate pride. Because we decided to open the tour to the entirety of our company, we were worried that the logistics of booking us all in may create issues. However, the globetrotter VR team was helpful and accommodating from start to finish.

Mikayla Ferguson
LGBT Network, Baillie Gifford

Traveling together is always a wonderful experience, and now companies have a cost-efficient and practical way to  offer it to their employees.

Carl Vickers


Technology is taking a leading role when it comes to exploring top tourism destinations and satisfying our natural curiosity to discover the world.


Lorraine Worsley-Carter



“So much fun to have a virtual passport to travel, learn and explore!”


Elise Edwards


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is an online experience that allows you to explore a location remotely.

What makes Globetrotter VR tours different from other virtual tours?

Some platforms out there are giving webinar-style virtual tours using Zoom, PowerPoints and photos. We are not just another Zoom call! We use the latest virtual reality technology to bring the world to you through stunning 360° environments and storytelling.

We are also different from classic virtual experiences that require you to have a virtual reality headset because our tours are accessible from your PC, mobile and tablet. With Globetrotter VR, you can get the best of what cutting-edge tech offers without the extra gear.

How much does it cost?

We offer a competitive pricing structure. Depending on your group size, we tailor your quote based on your requirements. Please request a quote and one of the team will strive to be in touch within 48 hours. 

Do I need a VR headset to enjoy your virtual tour?

Nope! To have the best experience of your tour, you just need yourself, your PC, smartphone or tablet and a stable internet connection. A refreshing drink and some yummy snacks are encouraged, but not required!

How does your company contribute to local communities?

Our partner tour guides get a revenue share from every tour that is purchased. In addition, our team works remotely with local artists and content creators from the destination to create the virtual tours, so our carbon footprint in making the tours is negligent.

Are you trying to replace real travel?

Not at all. Our virtual tours are a whole new entertaining online experience, allowing you to learn about faraway places and immerse yourself in their culture from your home. It also has many things that you wouldn’t find on a typical walking tour – 3D models, animations, videos and photographs from historical archives. It’s also a great tool to use FOR travel. Curious about a destination? Why not try before you fly using one of our virtual tours?

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