Do you find yourself feeling stressed and in need of a getaway? Or perhaps you are getting restless at home and desperately need to experience something new? In that case, we have a real treat for you – Globetrotter VR’s newest virtual tour “The Pearls of Dubai”.

Travel back in time and get a unique insight into the development of this phenomenal city. In this virtual tour, we will be tracing back to Dubai’s humble origins, as a small pearl diving town through stunning 8K 360° environments, interactive 3D models, unique photos and videos, to its current state as a booming hub for Globetrotters just like you!

Don’t just watch, Play!

Escape your daily life and immerse yourself within the vibrant culture of Dubai, as you roam through the quaint and sun-soaked courtyards that showcase the unique and very practical architecture of old Dubai. This is far more than just a slideshow or video, this is a fully interactive experience, in which you get to look around in 360° and play in the space as we guide you through your journey.

Our local guide Pri, will share her deep knowledge of the city’s history and tradition, the secrets of each location, and provide entertaining stories and facts, that you wouldn’t get to experience anywhere else.

See the sights, Hear the stories:

Get a taste of the rich and fragrant history of Dubai’s spice and coffee trade, as we take you on a journey through the vibrant spice souk and coffee museum. Admire the colorful displays full of Dubai’s most popular spices and learn about their uses from a local merchant. Perhaps you have always wanted to take an abra ride through the Dubai creek? We’ve got you covered! We will take you across the glistening water on this traditional wooden boat, to the glittering gold markets where you can see examples of both traditional and modern jewelry that has been tirelessly hand crafted by local artisans.

Why wait for a chance to travel when you can be there right now? Sign up right away for the “The Pearls of Dubai” Tour, available both on-demand and live! BOOK NOW!

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